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    The Style of Professional and dedicated team and production line work

    Professional and dedicated team style
          Excellent leadership team is the root of a company's success.
    Production and data application base has a professional management team,Team members by the excellent professional ability and both rich management experience of high quality professional personnel,familiar with the situation of the industry,with a common vision and entrepreneurial spirit,have a wide range of business resources, human resources and social resources,with strong social practice ability,with enterprise management, production operation management concept and rich professional experience,the management team has good cooperation and teamwork spirit,strong internal cohesion, with a high sense of responsibility,to ensure the efficient operation and high speed development of the factory,this is the core of the management of production and data base.

    (注:因按照银行卡组织要求 管理层形象不能对外公布,故没有形象照片展示)
    (Note: In accordance with the requirements of the bank card organization, management image can not be published, so there is no image of the show)
    A 专心致志的一线员工  \  dedicated of frontline staff

    专心致志的一线员工 (9)专心致志的一线员工 (8)
    专心致志的一线员工 (7)专心致志的一线员工 (6)
    专心致志的一线员工 (4)专心致志的一线员工 (2)

    B 严肃活泼的工作与生活  \  Serious and lively work and life


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