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              资质 Qualification

                    Qualification is a symbol of the core competitive ability, strong production strength, excellent management level, reliable product quality assurance, excellent customer service level, leading industry position. With this series of component qualification, production application and data base can elaborate manufacture beautiful high-quality smart card products for our customers.


              01、 Visa certification
              02、 MasterCard International  certification
              03、 UnionPay logo product enterprise qualification certificate
              04、 High and new technology enterprises      
              05、 State Golden Card Project of IC card and equipment products testing center 
              06、 National Industrial (IC card) product license
              07、 Production license for anti fake verification (security card)
              08、 Software enterprise certification 
              09、 Software product registration certificate (intelligent financial IC card bus application system software)
              10、 Software product registration certificate (intelligent personal data processing software)
              11、 Software product registration certificate (intelligent data encryption software)
              12、 Commercial cipher products production unit
              13、 Business license sales license
              14、Qualification certificate of quality management system
              15、Certificate of environmental management system certification

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